gale & richard marsland in tucson


Richard is a master craftsman and has been creating fireplaces in Tucson for over forty years, specializing in the beehive type popular in the southwest.  These are ‘real’ masonry fireplaces that not only offer the wonderful atmosphere of a fire but also heating assistance.  Outdoor fireplaces can turn an underutilized yard into an extension of living space to your home.  If you don’t want to mess with wood, gas inserts can be added. 

 Richard has repaired and remodeled many fireplaces and can usually tell in short order what the problem is and has recovered many a smoking fireplace that was no longer used.  He is truly a master at an art that is fast becoming extinct with the advent of the metal inserts available in many hardware and home improvement stores and installed by many production homebuilders.

Consider adding this fire element to your home and add value at the same time.  Richard welcomes the opportunity to reflect your character and  situation into a unique design.  Contact him at: