Add wonderful flavor to meats and veg​etables that you grill or oven roast.  Our planks are of Incense Cedar, not the western red you typically see for this use.  We have a variety of sizes for anything from a large fish to individual servings.  Our PLATES & individual serving size pieces can be used for BOTH grilling and serving, adding to the adventure.   

Approximate sizes in 3/8” thickness:
5” x 12”
7” x 7” PLATES for grilling & serving.
7” x 4” for grilling & individual servings.
3" x 5"

custom sizes available

Sold in case lots only through this site. Ship to anywhere in U.S.  

Contact Richard at:


​​​​We sell CEDAR lumber for use in you buildings and projects:

-Ceilings, roof decks, porch roofs.
-Doors, both indoors and outdoors.
-Fencing and gates.
-Exterior siding & decking.
-Interior paneling.
-Fascia and decking.

-Cabinetry and furniture.

gale & richard marsland in tucson