paintings and photographs

gale & richard marsland in tucson

Gale takes inspiration from the desert and nature that surrounds her, but also from archetypal images that reflect our deep and common humanity.   The abstract paintings and photographs are like travelogues from her adventures at the edges of subtlety.  Scale is lost: is it microscopic or macroscopic?

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 Artist Statement:

Exploration and creativity are the air and water of my being and it is my intention to have life as a work of art. In this time of chaos and flux it is the role of artists to create new possibilities for the emerging global culture because the artist dwells closest to the edges. Intellectuals, capitalists and activists are too caught up in the existing structures to be truly creative.

Having escaped from all of these careers and having a very ‘zoomed out’ perspective of the whole, I feel uniquely positioned to be a part of the artist community that will usher in a new age that allows for the dance of light and dark, the dance of the technological and organic, the dance of equality for all human beings and earth’s inhabitants.  It is time for new human systems/institutions patterned after natural models where integrity is the foundation; the fragmented structures become an integrated whole and all parts are valued.   My painting practice is a most vital component and has the blessing of producing tangible expressions of my adventures at the edges of humanity during this unique time of transformation.