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The Marsland's Tucson based enterprises include:

-Marsland Cedar, cedar lumber for roof & porch decking, ceilings, paneling, doors and gates, fascia, siding, fencing, furniture, and cabinetry.

-Cedar Grilling Planks, for unique flavor and presentation when grilling/barbecuing meats, fish, vegetables.  Shipped anywhere in U.S.

-Desert Vacation Casita, rental of our unique casita, for your quiet desert retreat.  Why stay in a hotel when you can relax in privacy and a homelike atmosphere?

-Abstract paintings, photography, and blogging at sublimeappreciation.com 

-Masonry Fireplace Specialist, 40+ years experience in master crafted custom fireplaces, indoor and outdoor, wood or gas, specially designed and built for your home in the Tucson area.

A photo above to the right is our off-grid solar home in the Tucson Mountains where we have lived for thirty years.  It harvests rain water, has a tower, and many unique sustainable features.  When we are not working on the various interests described here we are getting walked by our three dogs (empty nesters… can you tell) and enjoying the many wonders of nature, often camping in our fifth wheel trailer.  Richard has a small plane and regularly flies medical groups to clinics in Mexico.  He also is belted in several Japanese sword arts that he enjoys with our now grown son Matthew.  Gale follows her family tradition of savory cooking and researches and visits archeological sites.  Both are also addicted to thrift store shopping.

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